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Combined rare wood combs with beautiful designs

Combs with an extraordinary beautiful design and made of precious woods. These wooden combs are like artworks, they are not only good for combing hair, they will be also a nice decoration in your bathroom and a wonderful gift as well.
All wooden combs polished with natural wax, the survace is extremely smooth and to some extend resistant against contact with water. But for keeping their long lifetime, they should be better treated like old furniture. Polishing wooden combs with plant oil after cleaning will preserve the wood's survace and colour.

Please click on the pictures for more detail:
Handle comb, wide teeth, Black Chakate, SPCGB2-31
Length 20.5 cm, teeth gap 3 mm
rare wood combs, Black Chakate, SPCGB2-31
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Handle comb with narrow teeth, Black Chakate, SPCGB4-33
Length 17.5 cm, teeth gap 1.25 mm
fine wooden comb, Black Chakate, SPCGB4-33
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Hair dressing comb with narrow teeth, Black Chakate, SPCGB5-28
Length 14 cm, teeth gap 1.25 mm
dressing wooden comb, Balck CHakate, SPCGB5-28
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Handle comb with very wide teeth, made of red-brown Bubinga, YHHDS0205
Length  20 cm, teeth gap 5 mm
handle combs, Bubinga
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Small handle comb with narrow teeth, Bubinga, SPHDS4-33
Length 17.5 cm, teeth gap 1.25 mm
wood combs, Mushivi, SPHDS4-33
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Women's dressing comb, wide teeth, Bubinga, SPHDS5-38
Length 13.5 cm, teeth gap 3 mm
hair dressing wooden comb, Mushivi, SPHDS5-38
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Women's dressing comb, narrow teeth, Bubinga, SPHDS5-28
Length 14 cm, teeth gap 1.25 mm
pocket wood comb, Mushivi, SPHDS5-28
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Handle wooden comb with narrow teeth, made of Katalox, SPTMD2-22,
Length 21 cm, teeth gap 1.25 mm
wooden comb, Katalox, SPTMD2-22
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Wide teeth handle comb, Katalox, YHTMD0202,
Length 20 cm
handle wooden comb
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Fine teeth handle comb, Katalox, YHTMD0302,
Length 18 cm
Katalox handle comb
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Fine teeth pocket comb, Katalox, YHTMD0502,
Length 14 cm
rare wood pocket comb
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Combined Bubinga and Chakate Preto fine teeth handle comb, ZHM0301,
Length 18 cm
rare wood handle comb
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